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Self Storage Units in Billericay, Storage of Furniture, Appliances, Equipment & Vehicles

At Billericay Removals, we not only offer a first class removals service, but also provide self storage facilities whatever your need. People require storage space at different times and for a variety of reasons such as clearing a room before decorating, or storing business stock or hobby materials. Our self storage units are ideal for keeping belongings, furniture and other house contents, or even vehicles secure, dry and clean. Some of the reasons self storage comes in very handy include:

  • The push for more homes has meant an increase in new build properties, which are usually small and compact nowadays. This means that storage space is at a premium, and sometimes families need extra space temporarily.
  • New homes also frequently lack a garage or garden shed, so things cannot be stored here either.
  • Problems can arise when in the process of moving home, especially where there is a property chain, meaning an urgent need for storage.
  • Tradespeople often store expensive tools and equipment in the back of their van, and while this is convenient it is unwise. Vans are much easier to break into than storage units or containers resulting in loss of earnings.
  • Students wishing to take a break before embarking on their career can use self storage to keep their possessions safe.
  • A new baby can require the spare room to be emptied and transformed into a nursery, so any stored items can go into self storage for a while.
  • Your prized collection of memorabilia has outgrown it’s space in the home, a clean, dry storage unit is the perfect solution.
  • People running a small business from home such as selling on ebay or etsy find our self storage facility ideal for stock, packaging etc.

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Self Storage Containers with State of the Art Security, Moisture Free & Clean Storage, Billericay