Need More Space?

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According to the Self-Storage Association (SSA), self storage operators were allowed to remain open during the past few months. Early in the pandemic their website stated:

‘Advise your customers that while the store remains open it is only for essential services people and businesses that are allowed to remain open under the government advice. Residential customers should be deterred from accessing their units unless they have a critical reason to do so.’

Self storage has been crucial for many businesses as well as home owners during the recent crisis. Bars, cafés and restaurants have had to create space, and limit the number of customers on their premises. So whereas before, they would squeeze as many tables and chairs into an area, they suddenly found themselves having to thin out furniture. As many discovered, the ideal solution was self storage units, where they could keep their excess items and even stock. Once things go back to normal, their stored furniture etc will be ready for use once again.

Domestic customers have also discovered the benefits of self storage units and containers, in many cases due to suddenly needing additional room. Perhaps a relative has been forced to return from abroad and they need a place to stay. Maybe a home owner has to convert a room in their abode into more of an office environment so they can work from home.

A typical reason for needing storage is when moving home, where the occasional hiccup can cause problems. Having access to your own storage unit or container will relieve stress at these times. In fact all of these situations can be alleviated by contacting a company who offer clean, safe and secure self storage. Call Billericay Removals on 01277 564866 or 01245 520282 to discuss your storage needs.

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