Moving House – Terrific or Traumatic?

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image by Sue Gordon

The phrase ‘moving house’ conjures up a bigger variety of emotions than most other terms, from excitement to utter fear!

Look on any forum about moving or relocating for an almost limitless amount of funny, worrying or unbelievable stories that people have experienced when moving home. This often necessary activity is well known to be one of the most stressful things you can go through, and a poll of 2,000 adults showed 61% judged moving home to be more stressful than divorce, relationship breakdown or starting a new job. Plus, in the UK the average person moves house around 5 times during their life and are affected by the upheaval for about 3 months, according to a major utilities provider. That’s an awful lot of stress!

Concerns about expense, things going wrong, inconvenience or disruption of routine and regretting decisions all come into play and are enough to provoke a feeling of dread in even the bravest of us. All of this is without complications like a problem with the property chain.

Paradoxically, moving home can deliver completely life affirming results, relocating to pastures new and hopefully better. It is often an emotional time too, as we pack our lives into boxes, and are forced into reassessing things and choosing what we should keep and what needs to be ditched. This is probably the only time some people ever sort through stored memories, and maybe find precious keepsakes.

There is one assured way to feel optimistic about your move, and that is to find a reputable moving service. A smooth, trouble free ‘happy ever after’ adventure is the desired outcome, and one which Billericay Removals strive to provide.

It is of course an essential part of the service offered by a moving company to have a storage facility available should unforeseen circumstances arise. Luckily we have a selection of storage containers and units to cover all eventualities.

For those moving house in the Tyne & Wear area, Newcastle Self Storage have clean, dry and secure storage containers and lock ups in Blaydon, Killingworth and Coast. Ask about their offer of a FREE removals van to transport your possessions to their units. Call them on 0191 406 6333.

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