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Professional Removals Service in Billericay & Wickford

Professional Removals Service in Billericay & Wickford Take the stress out of your house move to Billericay or Wickford, by following a few carefully thought out guidelines for smarter planning. Whether it’s an office or home move it pays to carry out the process in an organised way. This will result in an efficient and cost effective relocation without many of the usual headaches. There are also ways to minimise the adjustment period and help you to settle in quicker.

Careful Packing

Time is of the essence when planning a move, meaning get things done in good time, rather than last minute. You can start months before the moving day, by sorting through your belongings and disposing of any unwanted items. Get the family to de-clutter too, as there is no point dragging a load of stuff you don’t want to the new address.

Leave Clothes in the Wardrobe

A professional removals company may be able to transport your clothes in situ, so there is no packing of clothes involved, and no ironing later either!

Organising your Move & Sorting Utilities

Sort the Utilities

For a smoother house move, let your fuel, water, broadband providers etc know the date of your move as soon as possible. This is vital to avoid problems with bills later, plus you may need to arrange for an installation or activation of some kind. It means too that everything will be up and running sooner.

Preparing the New Abode

If you are not too far away from your new address, and have access, you can start depositing basics like cutlery, toilet paper, a kettle and other general supplies.

Comfy Clothes

Have a suitcase with your favourite clothing items, so you have them handy as soon as you arrive at the new place.

Comprehensive Inventory, Packing Service & Materials

Favourite Things

It’s a great idea to place a few well loved or familiar items in your new home in Billericay or Wickford, this will make the place feel homely and welcoming. This can be very effective and includes things like wall clocks, fancy mirrors, ornaments, artwork or plants. They don’t even have to be in situ, you can just lean them up against a wall for the time being.

Keep to your Routines

Don’t let the change knock you off balance and try to stick to doing what makes you comfortable. This might simply be your morning sit with a cup of coffee, or checking the news and weather forecast. If you keep keys for instance in a particular place, transfer that practice to your new place.

Plan a Treat

Have a set plan for when you move in, such as an evening with a takeaway and a bottle of vino. This will give you something to focus on and look forward to, as well as helping you to feel at home.

Help & Advice for your Billericay & Wickford Relocation

Of course the rest of the family will need to adjust to the new environment too, especially the kids, teens or elderly relatives who live with you. Although a move can be exciting for kids, there can still be an amount of stress and upheaval involved. Added to this is the fact that they may have had to leave good friends from their old neighbourhood.

A walk through of the new property can help with this, as each room is discussed and everybody’s thoughts and ideas are taken into consideration. You could create a ‘new house quiz’ with questions like, how many rooms are at the front of the house, how many doors are there altogether. You could even have a few prizes available to get the competitive feeling going. Establishing a normal, daily routine quite soon is a good idea, especially for older adults, who may be feeling a little unsettled.

Professional Removals Service in Billericay & Wickford, Organising your Move & Sorting Utilities. Comprehensive Inventory & Packing Service & Materials, Help & Advice for your Billericay & Wickford Relocation

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