Self Storage in Brentwood & Rayleigh

More Environmentally Friendly & Compact Homes

These days, there is a greater need than ever for self storage availability, as space is increasingly at a premium. This rise is due to a number of factors, the biggest one being the many new build developments popping up nationwide. The construction industry has in the last few years seen a gradual recovery, and new projects are frequently supported by the government.

Government support is due to the commitment not only in the UK but internationally, to reduce greenhouse gases. Construction is one of the targeted areas, as a large percentage of carbon emissions emanate from occupied buildings. Legislation now demands that proposals need to demonstrate at the planning stage, the intention to include a minimum of green technology. Without this it is unlikely that permission will be given to proceed with the build, which ensures that developments have additions such as air source heat pumps, solar panels and other renewable energy sources.

Increased Need for Self Storage Facilities

As the UK has an annual shortfall of 100,000 homes, new properties are planned in places like Brentwood and Rayleigh, which it’s hoped will address the imbalance. It is a fact that 20 percent or more of all homes are occupied by just one person today. Affordable houses and apartments with energy efficient heating and lighting are needed, particularly for younger couples who find it nearly impossible to get around the cost of buying their first home.

Many new buildings nowadays are also shrinking and becoming more compact than in the past, this means less storage space. Where once there would have been lots of cupboard space, these have been reduced, so more furniture for storage has to be purchased. There were frequently garages for each home too, which are more often than not absent with new builds. There again, a lot of the time the garages were used as storage space while vehicles were parked at the kerbside. With a deficiency of storage, people sometimes struggle to find a home for their excess belongings.

Storage Containers & Units in Brentwood, Essex

It’s no coincidence that self storage companies are appearing in towns and cities up and down the country. Storage container facilities offer a great way to keep all of the possessions we accumulate along the way, but don’t necessarily want to give up. They are typically fairly low cost, and good quality storage will ensure that items are dry, clean and secure.

Storage units are perfect for a number of reasons apart from somewhere to store your extra items. They are used by businesses for holding stock, when relocating offices and premises, and even sometimes to work from. Other reasons for a sudden storage need include receiving an inheritance in the form of furniture/antiques etc, students deciding to take a year to travel and keeping expensive and valuable collections.

Removals & Storage Service in Rayleigh

Sometimes a storage unit will come to the rescue, as in the case of a home move which is experiencing problems. It’s always tricky when there is a property chain, and if the worst happens there is the potential of being stuck in a no-man’s land. It can limit stress to have somewhere convenient to transport your home contents to temporarily, should you need to.

As part of our removals service, we offer storage in our own facility, which has alleviated the situation for customers many a time. There is no lengthy or complicated negotiation as in the case of using a separate storage and removals company, and we can move your things to your storage unit. Then when you are ready we can take them on to your new home, or wherever you wish. This arrangement also enables us to give a highly flexible service, allowing things like extended hire periods, and changes of plan at short notice.

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Self Storage in Brentwood & Rayleigh, More Environmentally Friendly & Compact Homes. Increased Need for Self Storage Facilities, Storage Containers & Units in Brentwood, Essex. Removals & Storage Service in Rayleigh

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