Celebrity Storage

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It seems we can’t see an empty space or cupboard around the home without needing to fill it, and it’s amazing how much you can get in! The same goes for self storage units, which hold a huge amount of items of all kinds. These units and containers are an ideal solution where short or long term storage is needed. People from all walks of life use self storage including business or home owners, builders and tradesmen.

One group of potential self storage users you may be surprised by are celebrities, although you would think they had a ton of space! It seems the more famous like to squirrel certain belongings away like the rest of us. Many well known faces seem to enjoy collecting ‘things’ whether it’s vintage cars, medals, watches or shoes.

Most know the name Tom Hanks, well known for movies like ‘Sleepless in Seattle’, and ‘Saving Private Ryan’. The things he likes to collect would certainly fill a large storage container, as he owns around 270 typewriters. He started his collection in 1978, and his enthusiasm is said to be infectious. He has even written a book of short stories that all feature a typewriter. Although it has to be said he wrote this on a computer!

Like many people, the singer Rod Stewart is a model train enthusiast, which is hard to imagine for some. He began by simulating the East Coast Mainline, and now he claims to have one of the biggest collections in the world. I wonder what size container he would need?

‘Star Wars’ giant George Lucas is the proud owner of over 27,000 books, 17,000 films numerous press clippings and various other media. Well George, if you need somewhere safe, secure and dry to keep these prized possessions, Billericay Removals have the ideal self storage solution for you! Call us on 01277 564866 or 01245 520282.

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