6 Reasons People Relocate

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Considering that a house move is said to be one of the most stressful life events ever, there is never any shortage of people willing to do it! Apart from all the stress it is also time consuming and expensive, but there are always valid reasons for wanting to move. Here are some of them:-

1. Upsizing

If you’ve been renting an apartment at the top of a tall building, you may want to be nearer the ground especially if the lifts keep breaking. Many people save up for a mortgage, renting small flats until they have enough for a deposit. A first house is an exciting prospect, and a first step on the rung of the property ladder [not more climbing!].

2. More Space Needed

Perhaps you have outgrown your current house, wishing for more space, and a garden if you don’t have one. Maybe you have or are planning to have children, so more bedrooms are essential. An elderly relative may be joining your family unit with their huge collection of scary Victorian dolls. If carrying out work such as extensions or conversions is not an option, you may decide to simply look for a larger place.

3. Work

You may be required to relocate due to a job offer, especially if you cannot face a long commute every day.

4. Downsizing

Empty nest syndrome is often the reason that people sell their large home and move to somewhere smaller. All that extra space is not needed when the kids grow up and leave the nest. [Make sure you leave a forwarding address for them though]

5. Relationship Changes

Relationships form, but are prone to change, which is a major cause of moving for several reasons, some positive, others not so positive.

6. Lifestyle

You may be seeking an improved living experience, in an area that has more countryside, great shopping areas or good schools.

These are all valid reasons for moving house but there are bound to be loads more. For moves to areas in Essex like Chipping Ongar, Ingatestone and Shenfield call our team at Billericay Removals.

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